The former IHS Library space will be reconfigured to include a state-of-the-art digital learning center which will accommodate various programs, including Zulama gaming courses, blended coursework, full and part-time online programming (IDEAL), student technology internships, a 1-to-1 student technology service window for Chromebooks in need of repair and/or charging, and technology tutoring. The new T3 location will provide our blended and hybrid online learning students with cutting edge technology information and skills. Subject area teachers will offer instruction that combines and promotes cooperative learning opportunities. They will also provide academic assistance as needed. GameMaker Programming, Mobile Game Design, 3D Modeling I & II, and Screenwriting courses are just a few of our new offerings. Existing courses and instruction, such as Gothic Literature, will be provided in innovative ways that will prepare many students for post-secondary education and career opportunities. We embrace these opportunities for our students to possess such experience and to thrive in changing learning landscapes beyond their years at Indiana Area Senior High School. We anticipate completion of the new T3 learning facility around the semester change of the 2015- 2016 school year.