About Our Computerized Debit System

Payment for these meals is handled through the district’s computerized debit system.   The computer system is similar to the setup of ATM’s.  Once the student’s account is activated, he/she can use an assigned PIN to purchase breakfast or lunch.  The difference between this system and an ATM is that the student can’t withdraw cash from his/her account, and a picture identification protection feature is in place.

The debit system eliminates lost tokens and tickets, reducing the need for students to carry cash with them on a daily basis.  It also allows the parent to send in as little or as much to the student’s account as fits their budget.  

The system works like this: 

    1. Each student will use his/her own school issued student number (PIN).  A picture of the student will appear when the PIN number is entered.  This ensures that the student used his/her unique number.  Students are not permitted to use their account to purchase lunch or extras for other students.

    1. Students deposit either a check or cash to their account by giving their deposit to the cashier at breakfast, or junior high and senior high students may drop off their deposit in a designated lock box located near the office in each building.  Families may also pay online at myschoolbucks.com.  No deposits will be accepted as students go through the serving line at lunch.  We ask that deposits be in the form of a check or money order or online payments. This will provide you with a receipt for the cafeteria deposit.  If it is necessary to send cash, please be sure to put  in an envelope and label with your child’s name and PIN number.  Deposits must be exact.  No change will be given.  For example, if a student has a check for $15.00 and requests $10.00 be put on their account and receive $5.00 back, this is not permitted.

    1. After a student decides what he/she wants for lunch, the student will approach the cashier and enter his/her PIN number on a keypad.  The student’s account and photograph will appear on the cashier’s computer touch screen.  The cost of the lunch or ala carte purchases will automatically be deducted from the account.  

    2. Students who receive free or reduced lunch will follow the same procedures as outlined above.  Their automatic debits will be made at a free or reduced rate. 


    4. All accounts are considered open accounts (anything can be purchased) unless a note is sent to the cafeteria requesting the account be restricted for meals only.