Act 153 of 2014 was recently adopted by the PA legislature and signed by the governor and amended with Act 15 of 2015.  These laws have amended the Child Protective Services Law.  As part of this new law, effective December 31, 2014 all school volunteers are now required to provide the school district with updated clearance certifications (Act 34 Criminal Record Check, Act 114 FBI Fingerprint Clearance* and Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance) every 60 months.   

*Volunteers who can verify that they have been a Pennsylvania resident for at least ten years prior to application and swear by written affirmation that they are not disqualified due to a conviction for any crime listed in the CPSL will not have to submit the Act 114 FBI fingerprinting clearance.  This is the only exception.  This affidavit is available by contacting the administrative assistant in your child's building or by downloading it here.  Note:  It must be notarized.

Following is information about how to obtain the necessary clearances.

Child Abuse Clearance Act 151

You many now complete the application (follow directions) and pay online with a credit card or choose the volunteer option for the free clearance, if appropriate.  If you send the paper application, you must pay with a money order.  Results may take 3-5 weeks to be returned, so please allow enough time!  Make sure you provide a copy of the CERTIFICATE, not just the receipt.


Criminal Background check by PA State Police Act 34

This can be done online in a matter of minutes or through the mail in a matter of weeks. To do this online, fill out the required info and pay the fee with a credit card or choose the volunteer option for a free clearance.  You will have the results back in a matter of minutes.   Click on the "CERTIFICATION FORM" link to print the actual certificate that is needed. Print several copies of the results from the screen or save it as a PDF file to be accessed later because the watermark in the printout will not show in a Xerox copy. 


FBI Fingerprint clearance Act 114 
(If you have been a PA resident for 10 or more years, you may waive this with the signed affidavit.  See information above.)

Go to and click "register online", pay the fee and input your info.  Then print the confirmation info and take it to one of the fingerprinting locations listed on the site.  (Locally, fingerprinting can be done at ARIN IU.  Call 724-463-5300 to make an appointment.)