Secondary Curriculum

The secondary schools operate on an eight period, forty-minutes per period school day. Graduation Requirements include successful completion of 24 academic credits (including 4 English, 4 Social Studies**, 3 Mathematics, 3 Science, 2 Health & Physical Education, 1 Computer Technology, 0.5 Family and Consumer Science and 6.5 Electives. (**Students who attend the Indiana County Technology Center for three years must complete only 3 Social Studies credits). Students must demonstrate satisfactory school attendance as specified by the district’s Attendance Policy and must complete a culminating project in which the students apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information, and communicate significant knowledge and understanding. For the graduating classes of 2015-2016, students must demonstrate successful completion of secondary course work in Algebra I, Biology, English Composition, and Literature for which the Keystone Exams will also be given. For the classes of 2017 and beyond, the Pennsylvania Department of Education will expand these requirements to include the following: 1) Passing 2 English courses (Composition and Literature, 2) Passing 2 Mathematics courses (Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry), 3) Passing 1 Science course (Biology or Chemistry), and 4) Passing 1 Social Studies course (Civics and Government, US History, or World History). 

*A student who does not score "Proficient" on a Keystone Exam, after 2 attempts, will be eligible to complete a project-based assessment however the student must also have taken the course and met local attendance and supplemental instruction requirements. The project-based assessment is designed expressly to help students supplement a Keystone Exam score in order to meet the graduation requirement for proficiency. A project-based assessment can raise a student's Keystone score to the "Proficient" cut score but not beyond it.

Students who are disabled may receive a regular high school diploma upon successful completion of the goals and objectives of their Individual Education Program (IEP). 

Students who are English-Language Learners (their dominant language is not English) receive appropriate instruction to facilitate their achievement of English proficiency and proficiency on the Academic Standards.  Students who receive English as a Second Language instruction are expected to meet the requirements for graduation.

There are recommended courses of study for students who plan to attend higher education, for those who plan to enter a business career, and for career objectives in the arts, technology, and health/human services.

Specific information on required courses, electives, and Indiana County Technology Center programs is provided to every student in the spring of the school year as students, their families and school personnel plan academic programs for the following school year.