Pupil Records

The school district respects the privacy and confidentiality of pupil records.  Local school districts keep records of special education pupils.  Teacher records include samples of student work, results of informal testing, and other information of short-term importance.  Supplementary records may include consent forms, E.R.’s, reports from outside agencies, verified teacher reports, I.E.P.’s, and requests for release of information or file review.  As your child is reevaluated, information is continually added to his/her file.  You can review your child’s file and challenge, in writing, the validity of any record or report and/or the maintenance of any information in the file.

Only school personnel and authorized education officials are permitted to see your child’s file.  Any other persons must have your written approval or authorization via court order before they are allowed to see the file or to receive copies of information in the file.  If you have any questions or concerns about pupil records, contact the district (724-463-8713).