The Indiana Area School District puts forth maximum effort to provide appropriate services through a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of all students.

Various screening activities are conducted on an on-going basis to identify students who may be eligible for these special education programs and services.  These include:  review of individual and group-based data (cumulative records, enrollment records, health records, report cards, ability and achievement test scores); hearing, vision, physical, and speech/language screening; and review by the building level academic teams, when appropriate, to assist students in benefiting from regular educational programs to the fullest extent possible.  In the event that a student’s degree of need is such that specially designed instruction may be required on an on-going basis, referral procedures exist to insure that students with special educational needs and strengths may be served appropriately.

Parents are also a very important part of the process of identifying students who may require specially designed instruction.  Parents are asked to be involved at all steps from the initial evaluation to  developing a program that meet the needs of  their child.  If you think that your child has a disability and needs specially designed instruction, you may contact the building principal or guidance counselor for further information or to discuss your child’s needs.

The following information can serve as a guide to help you understand the screening and identification process for special education. 

Preschool aged students:

Referrals for preschool children thought to be exceptional may be made to the ARIN IU28 by calling 724-463-5300.