Neat Sites for Kids

Math Sites - Covers everything from counting change to multiplication tables, but especially sees the artistic beauty in math. - Offers some classic video games with a focus on algebra. - Games and activities for all grade levels. - Students practice math and business skills by running their own virtual lemonade stands. - A site full of interactive lessons, math magic, games, humor, a math "gym", and lots more. - Developed to help students improve their math skills interactively with games, flashcards, and worksheets. - Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet. 


Language Arts Sites - This website provides materials, like vocabulary and spelling games, for students and parents that connect to our Reading Language Arts program - Between the Lions, for Grades PreK - 3, provides entertainment with a purpose - check out the stories, games, songs, tongue twisters, and more. - A site where children have fun learning to read - exceptional skill development! - Need help with grammar rules? Find hints on everything from capitalization to letter writing. - Create your own wacky tale by entering a list of words by parts of speech. - For grades 3-5, this vocabulary builder introduces a new word each day. - A great site that provides an enjoyable way to learn to spell. - A great site for primary children, it teaches letter, number, shape, and color recognition and much more. - a unique picture book of ABC's


Social Studies Sites - Draw or print a variety of maps - the FAQ's is very helpful. - Extensive state profiles with information from famous natives to mottos, symbols, and nicknames. - Holt, Rinehart, and Wilson along with Mapquest provides an extensive index of maps. - A safe, kid-friendly site loaded with stories, pictures, contests and opportunities for learning; a new issue each week with the latest news in sports, music & entertainment, health, history, local events and happenings around the world, all designed with kids in mind!
A complete list of the 50 states, each with the capital, state bird, and state flower.

Skill Games - a huge variety of educational games for kindergarten through fifth grade Choose a variety of games by age, subject, or title - More fun games for math, English, and more - For the puzzle maniac - all kind of puzzles - jigsaw, slider, drag and drop and so much more! - The site has games for many subjects, and they are divided into age ranges from four years old to over sixteen. - Choose a grade from kindergarten through fifth to start your technology learning experience. At each grade level there are different activities to teach you about the computer and how to use it. - Online educational video games that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, language arts, vocabulary, and thinking skills. 

More Interesting Sites - Check out Ultimate Speed Math, The Semicolon Wars, and other great links - A Thousand Sites in One! - A fun place for kids to learn about health and environmental issues in their schools. - Includes a directory of games, topics, a "What's Hot" section and much more. - Your number one source for sports news, stats, and games. - This site offers "quality products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children." - NASA's Mars Exploration Program for Kids offers games, activities, and lots of neat facts. - Well-written by doctors, this site lets students discover and explore the systems of the body with a click of the mouse. - This site reveals events that happen too quickly or too slowly for people to see - the blink of an eye, and many more. - Explore games, movie clips, and much more!

Animal Sites - A place for young children to learn about farm and wild animals, animal sounds, what grows, farm equipment and a wildlife rehab center. - Get hints for a student report, see and hear animals from A-Z, and find activities for fun and learning. - All about animals: fun facts, photos, sound clips, and video. - Especially for you, Kids' Corner has lots of cool things to do! Have oodles of fun and learn something, too! - Our nation's zoo provides an extensive animal index - be sure to check out the Kids section.


Keyboarding Sites - Pick a level to break balloons!