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The educational community is a dynamic and challenging component of the society in which we live.  A substitute teacher in the Indiana Area School district is a vital part of our efforts to perpetuate and improve life for our successors.  The Indiana Area School District is anxious to do everything possible to insure the success of its substitute teachers.


In order to substitute teach for the Indiana Area School District, applicants must hold a valid Pennsylvania teaching certificate.  A copy of this certificate must be submitted to the district administration office, along with a cover letter, resume, a completed standard Pennsylvania State Teaching Application, letters of recommendation, copies of final college transcripts, a copy of the Praxis Examinee Score Report, and all  state clearances (criminal record check, child abuse check, and FBI fingerprint).

Payroll Information:

Daily reimbursement for professional staff substitutes is $90.00 per day ($45.00 per half day.)  Payroll deduction will be made for social security, state unemployment compensation, and appropriate taxes.  

Upon completion of the first day of substitute teaching for Indiana Area School District, please obtain and complete payroll papers at the Administration Office.  Due to the necessity of payroll preparation, there is a period of one to three weeks from the date of work to the date of receipt of paycheck.

Please note: If a substitute teacher works more than eighty (80) days in a school year, his/her salary becomes subject to retirement provisions of the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS).

Substitute Calling Procedure:

In December 2006, Indiana Area School District implemented a computerized sub-calling system.  All employees are required to call 1-800-942-3767 or go on-line to to report their absences as far in advance as possible.  Substitutes are then notified by phone or on-line of absences that need to be filled.  They may then apply for those vacancies.  If a substitute teacher must rescind a commitment to fulfill the position, he/she must also call or go on-line.  Daily reports can be generated by individual schools for documentation.

The Substitute Teacher Handbook:

Report to the main office of the appropriate school on the date for which you have been assigned to substitute.  You will be asked to sign in and will be introduced to those professionals who will be of assistance to you as you perform your duties.  You will be given a copy of the Substitute Teacher Handbook for that particular school.  It is a pocketed folder  that contains the district’s Attendance and Discipline Policy booklet, as well as the following information:

·         Building and staff assignments

·         Daily class schedules

·         Building/classroom floor plans

·         Evacuation plans

·         “Team meeting” schedules

·         Lunchroom seating arrangements

·         Sample homeroom list

·         Sample discipline report

·         Teacher bus duty schedules

·         Any other pertinent information from the principal


Duties and Responsibilities:

Substitute teachers should assume all of the duties and responsibilities of the regular teacher.  Check the mailbox of the teacher for whom you are substituting at least twice during the school day for materials to be distributed and special bulletins.  Consult the teacher’s plan book for the day’s lesson plans.

Other responsibilities include:

·         Sending the attendance report to the office.

·         Submitting the lunch count to the office.

·         “Extra duties” for which the regular teacher might be scheduled (i.e. bus duty, hall duty).

·         Familiarization with evacuation plans in case of a drill.

·         Correcting of daily written work if answer keys are available.

·         Never leaving the class unattended.


At the end of the teaching day, substitute teachers must complete the “summary report” (found in the Substitute Teacher Handbook) and make one copy.  The original should remain on the teacher’s desk and the copy should be turned in to the principal as you sign out in the main office.